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VAB Bank (ІПН 190178426653) — Картка організації

назва організації VAB Bank
повна назва організації PJSC VAB Bank
реєстраційна форма Public joint-stock company
країна ризику Ukraine
галузь Banks
сайт http://www.vabbank.com.ua


  • ІПН


Vseukrainsky Aktsionerny Bank (VAB Bank) is a multifunction financial institution with foreign investments. It was registered on 2 nd July 1992 (reg. No. 120) and is holding the general banking license and written permits of the National Bank of Ukraine to carry out 22 banking transactions provided for in the Ukrainian Law On Banks And Banking. VABank is a large bank, according to the NBU classification, with assets worth UAH 1 293.7m as of 01.01.2005. The VABank branch network incorporates 52 branches and offices in the developed regions of Ukraine, two representative offices in Ukraine and one abroad. Correspondent relations have been established with over 100 largest banks all over the world. Over 85 thousand customers, both legal entities and individuals, enjoy the services offered by VABank at present. Deloitte & Touche has been auditing VABank’s accounts (IAS) since 1998, and accounts made in accordance with Ukrainian AS have been audited by APiK Company since 2000. Moody's Investors Service has assigned to VABank an E+ Financial Strength Rating (FSR), and ratings of B2/NP for long- and short-term foreign currency deposits. All ratings carry stable outlooks. VABank’s principal business lines are as follows: providing comprehensive banking service to legal entities, individuals, financial institutions and professional activity on the stock market. VABank is the government’s agent for executing international programmes, a member of MasterCard Europe and VISA Int. payment systems. We are also cooperating with American Express Services Europe Limited, servicing credit lines of the EBRD, IBRD and the Eurasia Foundation (USA). The Pension Fund of Ukraine authorized VABank to pay pensions and social benefits in the framework of the Pension Programme; the Understanding and Reconciliation Fund authorized the Bank to pay compensations to ostarbeiters. The bank participates in various interbank unions, associations and exchanges. Our customers are our greatest value. Therefore it is efficient satisfaction of their need for qualitative banking services that all our efforts are directed at.

Кредитні рейтинги емітента

АгентствоРейтинг / ПрогнозРейтингова шкалаДата
Expert-Rating *** National scale (Ukraine) ***
Expert-Rating *** International scale ***
UCRA *** National Rating Scale ***
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- foreign currency ***
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- local currency ***
Moody's Investors Service *** National Scale (Ukraine) ***
Fitch Ratings *** LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.) ***
Fitch Ratings *** National Scale (Ukraine) ***
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Боргові зобов'язання

Папір Обсяг, млн Статус
VAB Bank, 1-G 125 UAH redeemed
VAB Bank, 1-H 125 UAH Анульована
VAB Bank, 1-F 150 UAH redeemed
VAB Bank, 1-E 50 UAH redeemed
VAB Bank, 10.125% 14jun2019, USD 125 USD redemption default
VAB Bank, 1-D 15 UAH redeemed
VAB Bank, 1-A 5 UAH redeemed
VAB Bank, 1-B 3 UAH redeemed
VAB Bank, 1-C 3 UAH redeemed
Кредит Обсяг, млн Статус
VAB Bank, 5.2007 51 USD Redeemed
VAB Bank, 6.2006 10 USD Redeemed
VAB Bank, 3.2006 15 USD Redeemed

Участь в угодах

Папір Обсяг, млн Статус
VAB Leasing, 2-B 75 UAH Underwriter

Основні показники МСФЗ/US GAAP

показник 3Q 2012 4Q 2012 1Q 2013 2Q 2013
6Total assets (тис, USD) *** *** *** ***
19Equity (тис, USD) *** *** *** ***
31Loan portfolio (тис, USD) *** *** *** ***
9Deposits (тис, USD) *** *** *** ***
34Tier I capital adequacy % *** *** *** ***
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Розрахункові показники МСФЗ/US GAAP

показник 3Q 2012 4Q 2012 1Q 2013 2Q 2013
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Консолідована звітність МСФЗ / US GAAP

рік 1кв 1пол 9міс рік

річні звіти

рік на нац. мові англійською
2.11 M nat
2.11 M eng
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